Tiers of Healing Products

Tiers of Healing provide products, programs, training, and/or coaching for individuals, groups, and organizations. Tiers offer hope and healing Before, During and After Loss.

If you do not see what you are looking for please contact us so that we may assist in the development of what you need or want.

  • Self-Guided Workbooks: 

Set of 4 workbooks may be purchased separately or individually. Each workbook provides 10 sessions that include information, resources, activities and inspiration.

Self –Guided Workbooks include: Book One-Grief, a Journey.

Book Two- Accepting the Unacceptable. Book Three- Creating A New Vision. Book Four- Living A New Reality.

Cost..$15 per workbook $50 for the set. Books may also be ordered as eBook.

Books are 8 1/2  x 11 and color-coded.

  • Divorce Booklets:

All 4 Tiers of Healing for those specifically experiencing the loss that comes with divorce.  Includes inspiring prayer, quotes and music suggestion to promote healing. Tracking sheets and places to journal assist in acknowledging and noting healing and hope.

Cost…$12 per booklet  $40 for set 

  • Tiers of Healing Facilitator Kit:

Kit includes: 4 separate Facilitator guides with step by step directions in the dos and don’ts of facilitating, how to set a room for maximum healing, suggested prayers and music, record keeping and supplies needed. Each Facilitator Tier Guide is color coded for the specific Tier and includes an instructional DVD also color-coded.

Each Facilitator Tier Guide (Journey through Grief, Journey to Acceptance, Journey to a New Vision, and Journey to a New Reality) has 11 stand-alone sessions that may be combined with other programs, used as a distinct workshop or presentation or facilitated as a one day or weekend event

The Facilitator kit is volunteer friendly, which makes it an excellent product for churches, temples or community groups.

Additional Products:

  • Pamphlets:

Tiers of Helping and Tiers of Hope are designed to offer suggestions to friends and family (Tiers of Helping) on helping a loved one during the first year of loss. Pamphlet gives tips on what to say, what to do to support a person during the first year of loss.

Tiers of Hope also offer suggestions on moving through the first year of grief for the individual experiencing los.

Pamphlets are 3×5, may be put in purse or pocket and each pamphlet may be used as mailer or hand out.

Prices vary on amount ordered.

  • CD

“A Place to Heal” offers meditations for healing and support.

“A Place to Heal” is included in Facilitator kit.

Price if ordered separately… $15